Survey Analysis

Digital Media Community Survey had 25 participants all coming from varied backgrounds. While some had Computer Science as their undergraduate degree major, some were into journalism, advertising, and multimedia.

24 survey takers were doing Digital Media while one was into project Management and was still interested in taking Digital Media courses. 65% students said that the main reason they chose Digital Media as their major was they were interested in learning this new trend, more than 50% wanted to advance their career and a lot of them who had a different major altogether in their under-graduation wanted to switch their career.



50% of the survey takers were in their second-fourth semester, 33% had completed five or more semesters, 9% had already graduated and 8% were in their first semester.



These students are curious to learn the skills they will obtain during their coursework, wanted to know more about the resources they could utilize, professors they could take advice from and projects they could work on.



When it comes to Career development, students want a platform that can help build their portfolio, where they can showcase their work, network with fellow classmates, juniors, seniors, and alumni, and find a career opportunity.



In this Digital Media major, they expect to find co-ops and internships, on-campus jobs, friends to hang out with and build some great professional connections.



However, 85% of students said that they do not have enough resources for career development.



With the help of DGMonster, they feel they might be able to understand more about career development, academic studies and get enough networking opportunities.


Some of them suggested that they want to collaborate with fellow students and professors to work on something BIG, they want to start-up on their own. They want career development advice and sessions where they get a chance to network with their community.


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